united we grow.

As a regenerative alliance of skilled craftspeople, our team offers an integrated approach to land stewardship. The IMPACT of Regenerative Land Based projects have grown as our projects scale from local to global. With diverse skillsets, our team provides increased resilience in lands capacity to be productive and ecologically sound

Thousands of Trees planted

Hundreds of acres seeded

Hundreds of Lawns converted into gardens

Millions of Gallons of water saved

CO2e sequestered

Featured Project of 2022: Rafter Ranch

Located on the shortgrass prairie in eastern Colorado, Rafter W Ranch is certified by Audubon’s Conservation Ranching Initiative. The owner, Lance Wheeler, has a deep interest in holistic ranch management and improving the long-term health of his land, the wildlife it sustains, the livestock it nourishes, and the people they feed. In February of 2022, Audubon Rockies’ Conservation Ranching staff helped Lance implement a restoration project to improve the ranch’s soil health and drought resilience.

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