Rebecca Margolis

Rebecca gained an interest in local food production 15 years ago when she first became involved in urban agriculture. She managed and built market gardens on vacant lots and engaged the local community to become more connected to their food source. This led her to get a masters degree in Sustainable Development from Tulane University to further her ability to help communities grow. From there, she has worked on small and large scale sustainable development projects that include work in master planning, project management, construction management, regenerative land management, hayfield restoration, livestock farming, geothermal greenhouse design, food forests, and edible landscaping. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, snowboarding, raising dogs, chickens, and rabbits and growing food for her family.

Daniel R.

Daniel studied architecture at the University of Arizona and graduated from the Environmental Design program at CU Boulder with a well-rounded background in sustainable and resilient design. He has worked as a landscape contractor moving earth, as well as behind the computer in a landscape architecture office. He believes we can learn from the ages, where passive planning and aligning with our origin ecosystems works best for both people and the planet. Daniel spends his time creating graphic diagrams, maps, and plans to help communicate ideas, philosophies, and concepts that contribute to stewardship of the earth and our communities.

Greg Davis

Growing up in Minnesota, Greg, has always had a connection with the outdoors. Through many trips exploring the BWCAW in his youth, he developed a deep appreciation for nature, and love for adventure. His need to wander and learn have brought him around the world and has seen him working on a number of homestead and intentional community projects. Now, here in Colorado, Greg approaches each project as a chance to spread the ideals of Permaculture and to offer people an opportunity to connect with their environment and build a relationship with nature. Greg enjoys his free time with rock climbing, hiking, cooking and photography.

Tara Rae Kent

Botanist, Field Ecologist, Riparian & Wetland Specialist

Raised in the woods of rural Wisconsin, Tara Rae now spends most of her time on the Front Range of Colorado practicing resilient and regenerative living. She is passionate about forest gardening, backyard herbalism, frugality, and is a wild food enthusiast. Over the last 20 years, Tara Rae has worked in varying fields of biology, agronomy, and environmental science including laboratories, nature centers, farms, deserts, and jungles. Her skills include botanical surveys, habitat analysis, bird surveys, wetland delineations and permitting, soil and water quality sampling and analysis, and National Environmental Policy Act analysis and documentation. She is a Certified Permaculture Teacher and Designer educating new clients and students on permaculture, gardening, and urban farming. She has managed several greenhouses, as well as organic and permaculture farms with experience across 3 climate zones. She holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Ecology, and is a Certified Ecologist. Her passion for sustainable living has led her to volunteer for the Sustain Arvada Advisory Board to the City Council, making recommendations for sustainable community development and vitality.