Green Building, Infrastructure, & Reclaimation

The United Ecology team has diverse skills in the construction industry. From Excavation to Revegetation, we offer an array of services to support any construction project from start to finish. We like to work collaboratively with Architecture & Engineering firms to support net-zero,  Passivhaus, and LEED standards in sustainable design and best practices.

Before any project starts we can create a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) and install erosion control features that follow industry standard BMPs. Throughout a project, our skilled machine operators can trench for utilities and provide site grading that complies with civil engineering and geotechnical standards. As a project wraps up we can de-compact, condition, & amend the soil to a finished grade. Finally, we can apply seed to provide natural revegetation along with temporary irrigation to pass final building inspections.

We advocate and support local and natural building materials. This is why we work with a select group of skilled craftspeople, who we trust. From framing a home to natural finishes, renewable energy to waste water, digging foundations, and design, out team can support your green development project. We support Low Impact Development (LID) projects and Ecosystem Restoration work whenever heavy civil construction is complete.

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Our diverse skillset includes:

Erosion Controls

Services Include:

Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)
FODS Entry mats
Retention Ponds
Silt Fence
Straw Wattles


Shaping the earth. Services Include:

Soil Import/Export
Retaining Walls
Civil Site Grading
Culverts and Drainage

Excavation & Foundations

Including Green Building and Passivhaus principles.

Soil Proctoring
Concrete Preparation
Perimeter Drain
Backfill & Compaction
Rough Grading


Services Include Trenching and Installation of:

Green Infrastructure

Services Include:
Low Impact Development Strategies (LID)
Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP)
Excavation & Installation of Bioswales
Curb & Gutter
Tree Planting
Water Quality Monitoring

Reclamation Services

Soil Preparation
Drill Seeding
Erosion Blankets
Temporary Irrigation

Outdoor Spaces & Greenhouses

Optimize your property and growing with the introduction of greenhouse growing spaces and automated controls.

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