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As Professional Designers, our services are diverse. We can support projects at multiple scales and across various sectors. We work closely with homeowners, architects, farmers, engineers & developers, to find robust solutions to land management. Our team has decades of first-hand experience with living systems, which informs each Design.

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Our Design Process:

Initial Consultation

As Professional Permaculture Designers, our team follows a holistic design framework that integrates human needs with the local ecology. We are happy to meet at your property, to learn about your needs and goals, and educate about the possibilities on your site. We utilize every design tool from simple hand sketches to digital drafting tools to 3-d modeling software to ensure that you are ready for your landscape transformation.

Site Observation

We utilize a Permaculture design process to create designs for each unique space. We like to observe a property for a period of time and utilize your deep experience of the site in each season to inform the design. As you clarify your vision, the natural patterns of sun and shade, water and wind guide the process. And the ways in which you hope to utilize the space can be integrated with the ecological capacity.

Concept Design

We create a big-picture plan that integrates your goals with the ecological site observations. These master plans can look like mind maps, bubble diagrams, or actual scale drawings, depending on your needs. We encourage projects to install slowly over time, with the opportunity to observe and interact with the changes each year. This usually includes several layers of the design broken into separate phases for installation over time. Our detailed designs can further inform the installation cost and timeline.

Detailed Design

The details of each project on site can vary in need from simple concept drawings and DIY systems to complex schematic plans. Our teams experience with installations informs high quality designs. We can generate schematics for patios, earthworks, planting plans, irrigation, chicken coops, and more so that installation is seamless and meets your aesthetic expectations. These details will inform the budget and get us ready for installation.



When we feel good about the intentional design of a space, it can beautifully come to life. We work closely with our clients through the design process. At the completion of the design, we can provide a clear installation timeline, budget and project plan to take it from start to finish or to break projects into phases overtime.

After completion, we are always open to ongoing feedback. As any space evolves, new challenges and ideas emerge that were not there before.

Heres one of our recent client testimonials >

“We are so pleased with the project. Your crew was fantastic, as we’ve come to expect and be delighted about. The stonework is beautifully matched to the space, and we cant wait to see the flowers continue to fill-in with more color and food for our bees!”

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