Regenerative Agriculture

Our work in regenerating agriculture is diverse and extensive. We have transformed degraded lands into productive farms and conventional agricultural farms into ones that recover from the barage of chemicals and begin to sink carbon. We cover crop and inter-seed, we prepare soil and provide planting plans, we map animal grazing patterns and fences, and we work closely with Water, from flood irrigation upgrades to ponds and irrigation pipelines, we help farms to utilize every drop of water.

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Our diverse skillset includes:

Soil Prep & Seeding

Farms and Ranches throughout the west have a need for… Prepare your soil for success, Plant High Quality seed, irrigate and watch your property grow! Our Services Include:

  • Drill Seeding Pasture with Native Grasses
  • Cover Crops on degraded or fallow plots
  • Flail Mowing
  • Organic Soil Amendments
  • Soil Tillage and garden bed prep
  • Compost Tea Spraying

Keyline Planning & Plowing

We design land contouring to control rainfall runoff and enable fast flood irrigation of undulating land without the need for terracing. Our services include:

  • Farmscale Ecological Planning
  • Keyline Water Plans
  • Subsoil Ripping
  • Seed or Amendment applications (as appropriate)

Agricultural Ditch Work

Many properties around the world receive their water by ditch. Our work with agricultural water supply, ditch grading, pipe & gate installation, sediment removal, and pond construction has led us to Services Include:


  • Farm Irrigation Planning
  • Ditch clearing
  • Headgate construction
  • Sediment forebay
  • Parshall Flume Installations
  • Pipeline & Pumped systems
  • And More!

Irrigation & Ponds

Ponds provide a beautiful landscape feature, which offers immense benefits. With proper water rights, Ponds can be efficiently located for dam construction and to harvest the waters potential energy. Unlined ponds contribute a great deal to watershed health, underground aquifers, and habitat. Lined ponds can be used for efficient agricultural irrigation or fire prevetion. Services Include:

  • Farm Irrigation Planning
  • Pond Engineering
  • Excavation
  • Dam Construction
  • Headgates and Standpipes
  • Liner Installation
  • Pipelines & Pump Systems
  • Spray Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Micro-hydro

Greenhouses and Automation

Controlled Environment Agriculture. Services Include:

  • Greenhouse Design
  • Climate Battery Systems
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Microgreens
  • Automation


We provide a wide range of earthworks and planting solutions. Windbreaks, Forest Farming, Silvopasture, Restoration. Services Include:

  • Farm Planning & Design
  • Swales & Contour Earthworks
  • Bare Root Tree Planting
  • Temporary Irrigation
  • Revegetation & Seeding

Rotational Animals

Implementing rotational grazing methods. Services Include:

  • Farm Planning & Design
  • Fencing installation
  • Paradise Paddock
  • Silvopasture
  • Animal Water supply
  • Mobile Coops

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