native & edible landscapes

Our team of skilled designers practice a holistic approach to Landscape Architecture. The design considerations in Permaculture lead us to focus on edible, useful, and pollinator friendly landscapes. Ones that use local stone, wood, seeds, and soil. We aim to capture water & nutrients and other resources on-site, and provide year round beauty & food for the inhabitants. Our diverse skillset includes:

Landscape Architecture & Permaculture Design

Masonry Pathways & Patios

Masonry Stone Walls

Social Spaces, Pergolas & Shade Structures

Tree planting & care

Backyard Gardening

Backyard Animals

Pest Management

Native Planting & Pollinator Habitat

Compost & Soil Preparation

Greywater Irrigation

Rainwater Harvesting & Irrigation

If our team cant help with your project, then the local community of permaculture practitioners can!

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