Native & Edible Landscapes

Our team of skilled designers practice a holistic approach to Landscape Architecture. The design considerations in Permaculture lead us to focus on edible, useful, and pollinator friendly landscapes. Ones that use local stone, wood, seeds, and soil. We aim to capture water & nutrients and other resources on-site, and provide year round beauty & food for the inhabitants.

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Our diverse skillset includes:

Site Master Planning and Ecological Design

As a group of professional designers & builders, our team follows a holistic design framework that integrates human needs with the natural world. We work closely with each project owners to offer consulting and design to meet their needs..Our design services include:

  • Observation & site ecology assessment
  • Landscape vision and goals
  • Conceptual Designs can explore various layouts for the space.
  • Refined Detailed Design are important for installation and project phasing.
  • Project timelines and budgets
  • Installation Services of various elements are explored below

Pathways & Patios

Our Skilled Masonry team loves to use locally sourced stone to create beautiful human spaces. Our offerings include custom stone work:

  • Stone Steps
  • Drystack Stone Walls
  • Mortared Stone Walls
  • Alan Block Walls
  • Flagstone or Crusher Pathways
  • Flagstone or Crusher Patios
  • Earth Plasters

Water Harvesting Earthworks


Excessive water flows can erode soil and damage a property. We like to mitigate erosion patterns with earthworks that prevent floods and passively harvest water throughout the year. These simple earthworks can slow, spread, and sink water while managing water quality before it leaves your property. Our scope of services include:

  • Raingardens
  • Log or Rock Check Dams
  • Gabbions
  • Retention ponds
  • Rainbarrels & Cisterns

Native and Xeric Gardens

There are SO MANY plants in the West that can survive and thrive with minimal irrigation. These hardy plants often support pollinators and bloom throughout the seasons. Many of them also provide food for medicine for people. When left out through fall and winter, they can provide critical habitat and forage for  birds and bees. We like to design and install:

  • Native Flower gardens
  • Medicinal Perennials
  • Xeric and firewise gardens
  • Native Trees & Shrubs
  • And more!

Growing Food

Our team has a deep history of farming and gardening. We have explored dozens of growing styles and techniques and we want to help you to have success with growing food too! Whether you need raised beds, a food forest, tilled field, or some urban wicking beds, our team can help you install the garden of your dreams. We bring in animals help to cycle nutrients on site and provide a yield of food or friendship. And we can help you build a successful composting system toto cycle nutrients from your home, while sinking carbon, and feeding your garden soil. Our services include:

  • Food Forests
  • Soil Prep & Garden plots
  • Raised beds
  • Chicken Coops
  • Compost bins
  • Worm Composting
  • And More!

Tree Planting

Trees serve a huge role in the West. They can provide shade, windbreak, food, habitat, soil stabilization, carbon sink, and so much more! Planting trees is a great way to add value to your property with long term benefits. Each year they require less maintenance, but they provide increased yields of food, shade, or beauty. We have planted trees of every size and shape and we are happy to help your site to grow too! Our services include:

  • Ball and Burlap Tree planting
  • Bare Root Agroforestry Plantings
  • Orchard Planting and tree selection
  • Tree Spade Services

We work closely with local arborists for long term tree care, maintenance, and recycling wood chips.

Irrigation, Rainbarrels, & Greywater

Water is a critical element in any landscape. We consult, design, and install many water features and utilities. These services include:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Rainbarrels
  • Greywater Systems
  • Cisterns
  • Ponds
  • LID Green Infrastructure
  • And MORE!

Our partner Colorado Greywater is the leading Greywater Installer in Colorado, offering Consulting, Design, & Installation, while working closely with regulators on innovation in Water Policy.

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