We are an alliance of ecological designers and builders, united for a common goal.


Support the Earth through regenerative land stewardship and             ecologically integrated construction services.

We make the world a better place through thoughtful designs and long-term solutions that care for the earth, the people, and share abundance with nature.


Grounded in Earth Care, where we harvest natural water flows and plant a diversity of crops to enhance the soil and sink carbon.  Our Green Infrastructure projects aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle the natural resources around us, while creating abundant human spaces.

Our diverse team offers a holistic approach to earth care and people care. We always educate our clients so they leave with the knowledge to continue stewarding the health of their land and creating community resilience.


With every job we do, we donate to projects in need. From schools to communities to new farms, we support grassroots projects. We are happy to share our surplus of energy, tools, knowledge, & materials.

We help to spread water, plant seeds, grow trees, feed communities, and build long lasting infrastructure for humanities future on planet earth.